The Original Lineup is Back: September 1961 - May 1962

In September 1961, there was a bit of disagreement within the band about the scale of their pay and Ken Payne was the first to leave followed shortly by Rodger Mingay, joining up with The Outlaws, the Joe Meek's house band, who just had a number one hit backing the movie actor John Leyton on "Johnny Remember Me". Both would eventually emigrated to Australia. As a result, the original members re-united with Screaming Lord Sutch 13 months after he had left them. Rick Brown was in fact the first first to re-join, taking over from Payne at Reading Top Rank ballroom, on 9 September 1961, as Watson and Hopkins had voted him out of the Saxons. He was now playing bass in the band.

In spite of this reunion, Dave Sutch was backed by various well established bands such as The Echoes (later Dusty Springfield's back up) on another 2-I's Road Show, and The Ravers (Dave Anthony's backing band) on a mini-tour of the South of England promoted by Dorothy Calvert. As Al Kirtley then-lead guitarist of The Ravers explains, by this time most of the promoters wouldn't pay for The Savages to tour, instead letting other bands on the same bill do the backing. Kirtley remembers Lord Sutch doing his best to disrupt Dave Anthony's singing at the Small Sydney Hall in Weymouth, Dorset.

However the reconstituted Savages starred an extravaganza called 'Twist Around The Tower' at the Tower Ballroom in New Brighton on Friday 12 January 1962, but didn’t show up and an unknown liverpuldian quartet called the Beatles played instead. Reg Calvert (Dorothy's husband) became his new manager and put him on the road in a tour of Southwest England. Screaming Lord Sutch recorded with them his most well known song "Jack the Ripper" as single which was released the following year.
According to Saxophonist Pete Newman, the B side of the previous Sutch's single "Good Golly Miss Molly" was recorded by this line-up (see previous chapter).

In late 1962, the whole band would become the core of Cyril Davis & His R&B All Stars. Nicky Hopkins was later to become a prolific session man, recording with the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Beatles and many more.

Read more about the full-time professional Savages in the Confessions of the Sixties Drummer Carlo Little

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