Screaming Lord Sutch & The Future Rupert's People: May - June 1967

Tony Dangerfield wanted to go back to being a solo artist and had a deal on the cards with Robert Stigwood.
He eventually returned to Sutch and the last incarnation of his Roman Empire whose lineup also included John Bedder on guitar and Pete Phillipps on drums.
When Bedder was brought in the Winstone G Set, Dangerfield recruited a young Adrian Gurvitz to replace him (1).

He had discovered him at The Gioconda coffee bar in Denmark Street, London. Gurvitz was hired to play in the Savages, alongside pianist Freddy Fingers Lee and drummer Carlo Little. He was bundled into a van and driven off to Newcastle to play with them. Soon after Little left to join the Billie Davis Band and was replaced with ex-Merseybeats drummer Johnny Banks. But this new crew left Sutch once again to back female singer Billie Davis and then Crispian St Peters.
Then, in June 1967, Dangerfield, Banks and Gurvitz went on to join Rupert’s People (2), a band put together to capitalise on the success of the single “Reflections Of Charles Brown/Hold On” (Columbia DB 8226) which was recorded by Les Fleurs de Lys.
Adrian Gurvitz would later become successful with Gun.


(1) Adrian Gurvitz:
“Tony came into a coffee bar one day and asked if there was any guitar players.
I was there having a cup of tea and quickly replied yes, in that moment I was hired to play in the Savages, with Tony, Freddy Fingers Lee, and Carlo little on drums… then later John Banks. We played for Screaming Lord Sutch for a considerable time. While on tour with Sutch I met Billie Davis, we switched to her backing group then moved on to play with Crispian St. Peters, who was also managed by my father.”

(2) Tony Dangerfield:
“Stigwood was trying to sort out a deal for me, but I was in a pub down Denmark Street with Alex Harvey, when the phone rang.  "Is there a bass player in there?" That's how I joined Rupert's People with Adrian Gurvitz on guitar, John Trout - later keyboards with Renaissance - and my flatmate Johnny Banks, once the Merseybeats drummer. A single, 'Reflections Of Charlie Brown', had been recorded already as a ripp-off of 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale, and we bubbled under the Top Forty for three weeks, but Rupert's People only lasted for three or four gigs.”

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