Recording sessions of "She's Fallen Love With A Monster Man/Bye Bye Baby": January 1964

Various guitarists took over from Stuart Taylor. The first of them was Liverpuldian Malcom Johnson from December 21, lined up to play at Tamworth Assembly Rooms but only showed up in Swadlincote, followed by Malcolm Longstaff of The Darlington-based Kylastrons who eventually re-joined later in summer '65, but the most well known was of course Jimmy Page who later founded Led Zeppelin at the end of the decade.

At that time Page was still guitarist with Carter-Lewis & The Southerners, mostly as a session musician after having been on the road with Neil Christian & The Crusaders a short while and then left them due to illness. Joe Meek who had produced most of Carter-Lewis' records required him for the recording sessions of Sutch's 3rd single "She's Fallen Love With A Monster Man/Bye Bye Baby" (Oriole CB 1944) which was released in July 1964. The other musicians on these sessions were of course, Carlo Little on drums; Ricky Brown on bass; The Velvettes on backing vocals who had worked earlier with the Blues Incorporated as well as Cyril Davis & His R&B All Stars; and a new keyboardist called Tony Marsh. The latter was probably recommended by Keith Moon who had not only been the last drummer of Lee Stuart & the Escorts, the Harrow-based combo that Marsh had previously fronted as lead vocalist, but also stood-in for Little and Phillipps during the previous summer. Tony Marsh had previously been in Neil Christian & The Crusaders before joining the Savages.

It's still unclear when the recording sessions took place. Some sources state on 18 February 1964 whereas Ricky Brown had already left the band.
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