19.Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends: 1969 - 1970

23.Screaming Lord Sutch & The First Northern Savages: Late 1970's
24.Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages Featuring Wild Bob Burgos: 1979-1988

25.Screaming Lord Sutch & The (Ex-House) Shakers: 1981 - 1982
26.Screaming Lord Sutch & The Little Big Band: 1986
27.Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savage Sunsets: Late 1980's
28.The Ravers featuring Screaming Lord Sutch: Late 1980's/Early 1990's
29.Screaming Lord Sutch & The TT's: Finland, May 1990
30.Screaming Lord Sutch & The New Northern Savages: 1990's
31.The Shakers Are Back: Early 1990's
32.The Last Savages Backing Screaming Lord Sutch:  Late 1990's
33.Tony Dangerfield & The Savages: 2000 - July 2007

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